We keep our commitment to society, supporting emerging talent and promoting the integration of people with disabilities.

Arco Iris Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation

In 1999, the Trolez family, aware of the difficulty that people with disabilities have in accessing the labour market, created the Arco Iris Foundation.

The Arco Iris Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to promote the social and labour integration of people with all types of disabilities: physical, mental or sensory. Because, in order to promote the social normalisation of this group, the formation and creation of stable employment is essential.

Special Employment Centre

Since its creation, the Arco Iris Foundation has grown in both production and in the number of workers, experience and enthusiasm. To achieve this, in June 2000, it created a Special Employment Centre (C.E.E., for its acronym in Spanish) which currently employs 74 people, of which 71 have a disability.

The C.E.E. is dedicated to the creation of high-quality industrial handlers (it also has storage capacity). To achieve the high degree of efficiency of its work, continuous quality controls are performed in its services, in both the production phase and in the finished product. This search for excellence has led to a continuous growth of the Centre, leading it to achieve a greater number of clients and volume of work.