“Invisible jewelry to move the heart”



The Maison Cartier Parfums, committed to contemporary creations, created an in-house perfumery dedicated to bold creativity for a distinctive olfactory signature. This expertise allows Cartier to select the ingredients and control the formulas from start to finish.

Mathilde de Laurent was chosen to head the in-house perfumery for her visionary approach and her talent for creating fragrances. For her and Maison Cartier, perfumery is an Art. She advocates for olfactory independence and sincerity. Fragrances to move the heart.

Wearing a Cartier Fragrance is an instinct of choice. Addictive fragrances, never before encounter, yet familiar.

IPBG represents Maison Cartier Parfums in the Caribbean since 2018.

Redefining the traditional perfumery codes, the Cartier Fragrances are “Invisible jewelry to move the heart”.


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