“Work the intangible, explore the abstract, make visible the invisible, let the air vibrate, create magical unions, be immersed in poetry. These are the things I aspire to through perfume.” Philippe Starck



For Philippe Starck, creation, no matter in what form, is destined to improve the world and the lives of people.

With Starck Paris, created together with Perfumes y Diseño, he finds a way to improve it through smell. It is a collection of fragrances that connect with each other, and are at the same time elegant, light, and different. They evoke diverse feelings such as nostalgia, proximity to our roots, light, or shadow, without forgetting the less, the more, the seduction or the ambiguity. They are the beginning of everything, like the Big Bang. Because according to Philippe, “nobody is forced to be a genius, but everything should be”.


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